How to Recover Deleted Partition

Hi, I am using Windows 8 OS since from 5 months and I had only one logical partition on my hard drive, so now I decided to re-partition the drive in order to add one more partition. While performing this task, my system got freeze and turned into blue color so I suddenly used power button to shut down my system. After sometimes, I re-started to check whether partition works fine or not; but for my bad luck my partition got deleted even I don’t have backup of important data, which makes more worried. All I need to know, is there any way to bring back my data which is deleted during partitioning? If so, then please help me to overcome from this hectic situation. Any sort of assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes off course! You can easily recover data from deleted partition at exact place. Read out this brief article to know how to recover deleted partition in a few simple mouse clicks.

What is Partition?

Partition is the process of segregating one drive into multiple logical drives and it can be done by user for the better understanding of available files on hard disk. The main advantage of having multiple partitions is; user can have their system files and personal files such as office documents, IT records, bank account details, etc. in a separate drive so that unauthorized users cannot access it.

How Partition can get deleted?

However, there are numerous reasons through which partition gets deleted such as during re-installing of OS; For example: you may decide to delete unwanted partition but end up with deleting the partition which contains essential files, this sort of incidence usually occurs when you are in a hurry. But luckily, there is a utility called “Partition Recovery” with the usage of this software you can recover deleted partition very quickly.

Scenarios responsible for Partition Deletion:

Third Party Utility: Using unreliable or pirated third party utilities for repartitioning \ reformatting at times leads to deletion of partition which leads to huge amount of data loss.

File System Conversion Error: You may try to change one file system to another for enjoying additional features in a latest file system. While file system conversion process if any interruption occurs such as sudden system shutdown due to power failure, system freeze, etc. then there could be chance of that partition corruption and ultimately results in large amount of data loss.

Whatever may be the reasons behind partition deletion but by using Partition Recovery Software you can retrieve your data within short duration of time.

Features of Partition Recovery Software:

  • This software is an appropriate tool developed by group of industry experts to recover deleted logical and primary partition. To know more about primary partition, visit the link:
  • It has an ability to recover deleted partition from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives and also it can restore deleted partitions from various brands of hard drive such as Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, and so on.
  • By using this prominent tool, user can recover file types such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, applications and media files.
  • Once the data is recovered, it enhances users to sort data on the basis of name, date, size and file type.
  • “Preview” option in this tool allows users to preview the files before storing into any desired file path.
  • This software can be installed and utilized well in both Windows and Mac Operating System.

Easy Way to Learn Hard Disk Partition Recovery

In digital data processing and storing process most of the time system users will face some kind of astonishing facts like: unknowingly file deleted from system, data missing, sometimes the hard drive partition itself get disappears and many others. Hard drive partition disappearing is one of the most crucial data loss scenario because hard drive is one of the most important data storage unit in any computer system.

The hard drive is to be partitioned before going to use it and the main reason behind hard drive partition is that, by doing partition it can help you to save your data in a systematic order. Among this primary partition is responsible for installing the operating system and remaining partitions are to be used for storing different kind of data in it. If you have ever come across partition missing scenario then no need to worry, because hard drive partition recovery is surely possible. This task can be carried out by making use of most useful software called Hard Drive Partition Recovery Software. This is not only responsible to recover missing partition but it can also efficiently recover deleted or even formatted partitions also.

Most common scenarios where hard drive partition may loss or deleted

Accidental Deletion: It has been noticed that most of the users go for re-partitioning the hard drive by making use of disk utility or else by using any third party tools. In this process there are chances that you may accidentally delete a partition.

Master Boot Record Corruption: MBR isone which is responsible to hold the entire information of the HDD partitions and their accessibility. Because of certain reasons MBR may get corrupt and once it is corrupted then there is a chance of partition loss.

Virus Infection: Virus is a program which when enters your system then gradually it will corrupt your file system. Once the file system of partition is corrupted then it will stop data access from particular partition.

Features of hard drive partition recovery software

  • Hard Drive Partition Recovery Software has been reviewed and recommended by the most of the industry experts and this tool is responsible for recover HDD partition.
  • This application has been designed with very powerful scanning algorithm; this algorithm is responsible for quick scanning of data and it can recover any kind of partitions.
  • It can also perform partition (volume) recovery on Mac operating system versions like Mac lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard etc.
  • By making use of this tool it is possible to recover entire partition within short period of time.
  • It has very easy user interface and by making use of this interface it is possible for any novice user to perform recovery operations.
  • This tool can be effectively run on the Windows operating system versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP also. To know how Windows Vista file recovery can be perform just go through this link:

Precautions to avoid partition missing

  • Avoid using untrusted third part tools to re-partition the hard drive.
  • Try to maintain backup of your hard drive.
  • Always it’s better to use updated antivirus program for your system.

Tool to Restore Raw Hard Disk Files on Windows 7

Hard disk is a very essential part of your computer and by utilizing hard drive its achievable to store different type of data. RAW hard drive is nothing but it doesn’t have any kind of specific file system. Here the major question is that you’ve ever seen RAW hard drive or have you ever face the problem like your system hard drive has turn out to be RAW? If you have faced this sort of problem then the solution is that you should format your hard drive by utilizing by making use of NTFS or FAT file system.

Often you might face the issue of RAW hard drive on Windows 7 system. If this RAW hard disk problem encounters then there exists a chance of huge quantity of file loss. RAW hard drive might be mainly due to partition table corruption and for that reason of which your OS system won’t be able to find availability of any partition on your system. In order to fix this sort of RAW hard drive problem users may choose hard drive format as well as assign file system on it. But formatting hard drive leads to enormous amount of file loss. If you lost your files from RAW hard drive then you don’t need to worry because it can possible to restore files from RAW hard disk on windows 7, just take advantage of Hard drive recovery software to complete the recovery task.

If your system partition’s RAW hard disk got corrupted then you can notice these kinds of following symptoms.

•Error message like “Sector not found”

•”Disk not formatted. Do you want to format now? ”

•File system displayed as “RAW”

•File names contain “weird” characters

Some common data loss scenarios of hard drive

Bad Sectors: If number of bad sectors increases in your hard drive then the information on those sectors won’t be accessible. Perhaps more number of bad sectors can result in corruption of your hard drive and this in turn results in hard drive to become RAW.

Power failure: While any type of data access process is in progress in such case if a shut down occurs abruptly then there exists chance of partition table corruption. Once partition table is corrupted the partition may turn to become RAW.

Virus Attack: The majority of times it has been realized that your system may get infected by harmful viruses. Due to this cause a number of your system files could get corrupted and results in hard disk inaccessibility. This inaccessibility can make you irritating due to which you might go for formatting the drive which leads to file loss.

Features of hard drive recovery software

  • This software has quite simple user interface and by utilizing it you can very easily recover lost or deleted files from RAW hard disk.
  • This tool has feature to recover data from lost or missing partition.
  • This application has been perfectly designed to retrieve lost files after repartitioning the hard disk.
  • This utility is capable of recover lost files after hard disk formatted during Windows reinstallation.
  • Hard drive recovery software completely works on all major versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 3 and Windows XP etc.
  • This software Support files system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, as well as ExFAT. For more details visit here:

Software to Repair Canon MOV Video

Have you encountered that MOV video file just isn’t working properly? Will you be finding the strategy to repair corrupted Canon MOV video file? If so, then, you have reached the right place to emerge from this discussed circumstance. Make use with this highly rated Repair Video software to repair MOV i.e. corrupted or damaged because of virus infection, bad sector and many other reasons. To recover more you must visit about this page

Suppose the scenario that the friend has given a single copy of MOV file recorder simply by Canon camera in the pen drive. You were excited and initiate watching the video file while doing so. While you ended up busy in enjoying MOV video file, your system shutdown because of system crash. When you restart your PC, after playing this video you realized the MOV file has been corrupted and you aren’t able to play. In this example stop worrying and utilize this Repair Video software to solve this issue.

  • You have stored many different files on your system hard drive such as MOV files way too. Suppose, you are usually watching some MOV videos, while playing system comes in halt state and also you are forced to show off the system. When you shutdown improperly then there are chances to corruption of MOV files.
  • In some instances virus may develop the bad sector on system hard drive and you should not be capable of access stored movie files present within the bad sector. Perhaps, it will corrupt the MOV files moving into it and reasons your video file being inaccessible.
  • All the info about the MOV file is going to be stored in this header file and yes it plays a significant role. If header file gets corrupted because of sudden system shutdown or it may interrupted while downloading from your site then this MOV files can be inaccessible due to damage of header file.

Why to make use of this top rated software?

The most powerful software is created with the protected and trustworthy algorithm underneath the software developer to repair corrupted MOV audio and video records individually combine the idea after repairing. It scans this storage drive to discover damaged MOV video file, it just investigate content from this corrupted MOV file and copy within the new healthy data file without making virtually any alteration. The trial version is available on the spot that you can certainly download. After downloading install it using your laptop and start deciphering process. You also can preview repaired files before saving on your desired location.

To prevent the foreclosure of files, make use with this best Canon MOV video repair tool to repair corrupted or harmed MOV file coming from different storage products like external hard disk (SCSI, SATA, ATA, IDE), storage device (SD card, SDHC, Tiny SD, CF card), put in writing drive, USB generate, etc. on several types of Windows and Mac OS. This professional utility likewise have you an effective way how to deal with corrupted or harmed MOV file which is not able to play. It is simple to use and has capacity to repair other records like PowerPoint, MPEG, AVI and many other on your little finger tips. The most improve utility doesn’t require any technical knowledge to perform repairing task about it.

Outstanding App to Recover Files from Damaged HDD

In this generation majority of users wanted to have Macintosh computer, because of its Graphical User Interface. This is introduced by Apple Inc. It uses Mac Computer, which is based on UNIX OS. This Mac OS gets more popularity by its high safety and multitasking feature and hard disk drive is the legitimate storage device about Mac machine and store number regarding files on disk drive.

Although Mac Program has many helpful features, however types of reasons due to hard disk drive may get damaged. It might be because of a few human errors, complex errors, etc and results in loss of important files. In circumstance, if the hard drive has been damaged and you are worrying about the important documents saved in HDD then simply employ ExFAT Recovery application to encounter the related situation. Whatever might be the reason behind the corruption, this software clearly gives a solution for the question how to recover files from damaged hard disk drive? To get complete information at length click here

Some general predicaments to corruption of hard drive on Mac program:

  • Consider a situation, where Mac consumer involves in transferring some important files from one volume to one more and sudden program turns off. When you restart your laptop and noticed that one could not access that one volume. It becomes some sort of heart breaking situation where you eliminate important files from hard disk drive.
  • In Mac computer itself Journal file retains record of activities executed on files. It resumes operating system where it is working before quick system failure. Thus it plays an important role on Macintosh devices. If journal file gets dangerous, then, it is absolutely difficult to entry the files about Mac system. Thus causes huge amount regarding file loss.
  • There are a few other reasons result in corruption or damaged of hard drive on Mac machine for example catalog files file corruption, strong virus invasion, human mistake and others.

Please follow a few measures after info loss:

  • Instantly steer clear of reading or creating of on Macintosh system, to steer clear of permanent data damage.
  • Don’t install the particular Mac recovery application on same volume from where files get deleted or lost.
  • Do not regain lost or deleted files on same drive from where by you retrieving the information.

Significant features with this tool are:

  • This is powerful and consistence application accustomed to rescue data from hard disk drive on MacBook Master, MacBook Pro, MacBook Mini, MacBook Air, etc.
  • In addition it can recover data from Seagate hard drive along with other manufacturing brands such as Transcend, Kingston and many others.
  • The advance utility has capacity regains lost or deleted precious photograph files, favorite new music files and video clip recording from several memory cards like XD card, SD card, CF card and many others.

Note: Download free demo sort of this utility through the official website to find out about the working procedure of the top rated computer software. If you are completely delighted by the demo edition results, then, purchase its licensed version just to save recovered data. You can obtain this application in affordable price.

Attractive Tool to Retrieve Deleted Images on Computer

Majority of people all over the world utilize system disk drive to store important memorable moments within images. In these day’s recording your most funny and cherish occasions into photo is more easier than anything through the use of digital camera’s. Therefore, to avoid decrease of those image files you’d rather store in computer disk drive and consider it’s a secure destination to prevent loss involving images. Here there’s a chance you’re wrong because there are various circumstances due to that you just face deletion of pictures without the knowledge; it may very well be SHIFT + DELETE, unintentionally deletion or anything else. Don’t be panic, by making by using How to Restore software that relief deleted picture data.

Have you skilled any situation where losing a photo file is bound to happen? If yes, then you may have questioned how you can retrieve images deleted because of various strange predicaments. Now, you don’t need to worry about the actual deleted picture; employ this retrieval app to obtain back images erased because of any scenarios. Click here, to obtain entire information around the recovery of taken out picture

Have the situation which cause loosing picture files

  • User erases some files to keep up free space about the disk drive and you’ll end up involving deletion some important files.
  • When people erase images through the use of SHIFT + DELETE command then erased photo will not be saved into the actual Recycle bin. This simply bypasses without leaving any copy.
  • In case you use third party software to remove threats from your PC then it may delete severely infected photos without notification to anyone.
  • Suppose, you are utilizing CUT and PASTE command to go the image files through the computer to some other external drive, if in event system shutdown on account of power failure, method restore, etc. then you can find chances to the actual deletion of impression files.
  • The size with the Recycle bin is fixed i.e. 10 percent with the actual hard travel when it reaches on the max limit and also you delete some file then it will eventually bypass the Delete bin. After deletion you won’t be capable of find into the actual temporary storage mass media.

Some precaution ways:

  • Avoid using your storage drive immediately after deleting image data, because when you rewrite new files then it will eventually overwrite the erased images and you will lose it completely.
  • Prefer to utilize updated and honest appliation.

This professional application has power to restore image data from various computers erased because of above mentioned conditions. It supports restoration of varied formatted picture data like KDC, JPEG, GIF, etc. on numerous sorts of system HDD such as ATA, SATA, IDE as well as SCSI. By employing this application it is possible to rescue deleted images from various Windows OS like Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, etc. and Mac Operating system for example Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc. It rescues taken out files more that 280 several types of format at a period and store in your desired location.

Deleted Data Recovery Software for Mac OSX 10.7

Mac OS X 10.7 also known as Mac OS X Lion is the eighth release of Apple Inc. Though Apple OS X have powerful immunity for virus infections still data losses or file deletion scenarios are inevitable on any digital devices. All files, folders, images, videos, movies, songs downloaded on your Mac OS X 10.7 could get deleted in many ways. You could probably delete any of your precious and beautiful images accidentally from Trash, pen drives, SD cards, etc. any moment. Files deleted under such scenarios cannot be restored from Trash because in cases like this deleted file bypasses Mac Trash and looses its address  becomming inaccessible for the users.

For the recovery of deleted data on Mac OS X take advantages of Mac Data Recovery software. It is highly recommended, intuitive and efficient software for the deleted data recovery on Mac OS X 10.7. Mac data recovery software is built with powerful disk scanning algorithms to deeply scan each and very sector of the Mac hard disk and brings back all deleted files from those sectors. This software has also got free demo version for its users. You can attempt to try this trail offer anytime to rescue deleted files on Mac OS X 10.7 as well as on other version of Mac OS X.

How to get Mac Data Recovery software to undelete files on Mac OS X 10.7?

To grab this software on your Mac OS X visit this link It is comprised of beautiful features of the Mac Data Recovery tool and also some basic steps essential to download and install the software on Mac machine. This site is designed with beautiful GUI that helps users to get more knowledge about the tool. After reading this link you will come to know how to undelete files Mac OS X 10.7?

In case, if you have any doubt regarding the functionality or performance of the Mac Data Recovery software then just go through the link provided above. All the steps involved in the utilization of the Mac Data Recovery software are beautifully explained with clear screen shots within this link. So, you can easily clear your confusions and questions here. Besides the tool has also got 24*7 tech support team whom you cloud contact any time and get your queries solved.

Special Features of Mac Data Recovery software

  • Mac Data Recovery software can be easily installed on all Mac OS X like OS X Tiger, Panther, Leopard, Mountain, Snow Mountain, etc. to undelete files Mac OS X 10.7
  • You can use this software on Mac Machine like MacAir, MacPro, MacMini, MacBook, MacNotebook, etc.
  • Mac Data Recovery software is exclusively capable to rescue all sort of media files for example PNG, GIF, BMP, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP3, AVI, etc. deleted on Mac .
  • This software is also built to undelete Microsoft Office documents, PowerPoint files, PDF files, zipped files, etc.
  • Can be utilized in all scenarios of file deletion like accidental deletion, emptying of trash, deleting files from Trash, file deletion from external drives, etc.
  • Applicable on all sorts of hard disk like HFS+, HFSX, etc. that are supported by Mac.

How to Rescue Lexar files?

An American company “Lexar” is manufacturer of various external data storing units. It is a large manufacturer of the removable and portable drives including, USB drives, SD cards memory sticks, thumb drive, etc. Lexar items are utilized to store all form of document files, media files, PDF files, etc. It can save you r files and folders of distinct type. Video clips/ Videos/ Video files, music files, image files of entire type \ are classified as media files. Media files are generally utilized for personal purposes and are considered to be good options for entertainment. You can now carry countless songs, beautiful pictures, favorite movies in a tiny pen drive, SD card, memory stick, thumb drive, etc. All type of media files residing on the Lexar drive could possibly get lost or deleted without notice anytime.

You can obtain back lost/deleted media files like songs, photos, video, etc. through the backup which you have maintained. But, you will see instances, when you will realize that your particular backup is not able to enable you to get access of certain media files. So, what exactly is your technique to handle certain media file loss situations on the Lexar drive? In case you are struggling to handle these loses on the system then try media recovery tool. This software is an excellent means to convalesce all type of media files quickly. It’s very easy to cope up with media file losses on any Laxar drive with the deployment of this tool. Media recovery tool is an intelligent choice and all Lexar users should make use of this software when they get stuck in data loss situation. It really is significant to speculate this tool. It has got free demo version too. If, you’re in any type of doubt or have vacillation in regards to the performance of this tool, then you can certainly opt for the demo edition. You’ll be amazed at its capability to bring back entire missing files.

Scenarios Where you May happen to Lose your Media Files on Mac

  • Accidental deletion of media files
  • Reformatting / Formatting on Mac
  • Unmounting of Mac Volumes
  • Mac File system corruption
  • Emptying Trash

You could possibly lose your media files if ever  you encounter any  these data loss scenarios  as well as other files. Visit the site to learn about application area of Lexar recovery software and gather information about it. You can download media recovery software through this site in few simple actions that are mentioned in the above link.

Top features of Lexar Recovery Software

  • Advanced And agile scanning algorithms to deep scan your Lexar drives so that you can get back lost media files
  • This media recovery software presents free trail offer to recuperate all kind of media files like MPG, AVI, MOV, MPEG, JPEG, BMP, JPG and all sorts of others which can be missing from Lexar drives
  • Applicable on all sorts of Lexar products for instance SD cards, Lexar USB drive, Memory sticks, Key drives, Thumb drives
  • After recovering missing media files from Lexar drives it will display file type view and data type view of the recovered files



Formatted Hard Drive Recovery on Mac

Are you in search of best Mac hard drive recovery application to recover data from formatted Mac hard drive? If your answer is yes, go through this article to get information about outstanding Mac HDD recovery tool. This software is highly developed to get back complete data from formatted hard drives of Mac computers. This smart app is developed with a flow of algorithms which assist you to execute revitalization process. This tool is useful in all common data loss scenarios mentioned below.

  • Inaccessibility of  drives: Inaccessibility of Mac volume / drives mainly occurs due to software malfunction, volume map corruption, catalog corruption, logical bad sectors etc. So once the hard drives become inaccessible due any of these mention causes then the data from it will  be beyond your reach, in this situation you might format it to re-access the drive but the data stored on it will be completely vanished.
  • Accidental mistakes behind data loss: Some common human mistakes like erasing data unintentionally while deleting unwanted files or formatting the drive without having proper back of important files etc. could lead to data loss.
  • Sudden power failure: Data loss may also occur due to sudden power failure while functioning with it. Sometimes if you are assigning files from Mac HDD to external drive if power stops abruptly then file transfer process becomes incomplete to cause data loss.

After losing data do not attempt to store new data on formatted drive, it may cause permanently data loss. Apart from this preventive step, you can successfully perform hard drive recovery on Mac volume / drive in few steps. This software is designed and promoted by industry experts to recover data from formatted, inaccessible, reformatted, crashed and corrupt hard drives of Mac operating systems. It supports recovery of all music, videos and image types after scanning the formatted drive with the help of strong scan algorithms. If you have lost data from any other reasons apart from above reasons then also you can employ this smart app.

Since this application universal, it can recover files from formatted or reformatted iMac and other Mac machines hard drives with great ease. Mac HDD recovery utility has “Find Tool” to locate the files in recovered files list after completion of recovery. It is designed to reclaim  data from SATA / SCSI / IDE Mac volumes and also from external data storage devices like memory cards, USB drives, FireWire drives, pen drives of all available brands  drives etc. This software offers you scan options, you can choose scan option depending of your data severity. Once the recovery is completed then entire drive will be unformatted you can also preview every single file using preview options.  For more information you can visit this IRL can download the demo edition of this application to restore data, using this demo version you will be realized its results, you need to purchase the complete version of this app to save the recovered files.

Tool to Recover Files from Corrupted Partition

Hard drive is said to be major component of a PC, where you can store images, documents, office projects, etc. In order to manage the large amount of data properly the hard drive is divided into several sections known as partitions. The main reasons behind creating partitions on hard drive are to install multiple OS on it and to defrag your computer that increases the performance of the system. These partitions contain various types of files separately on each partition. Due to some reasons, your partitions may be corrupted. This article explain you what are the causes leading to corruption of partition and steps to overcome from such causes to recover files.

Are you getting error messages like access denied after trying to open partition? If so, then it is due to corruption of partition. There are so many reasons responsible for corruption of partitions on hard drive. In some cases, your partition is corrupted, you are unable to open files from it and this results in data loss. If you are facing any kind of partition corruption situations, then use highly brilliant utility known as partition data recovery to recover files present on corrupted partition. This highest rated program is capable to perform FAT hard drive recovery with utmost ease.

The following are the scenarios for corruption of partition:

  • Virus infection: If you are transferring data from virus-infected data from USB drive, then there may be possibility of virus entry to your files present on particular partition. Therefore, this leads to inaccessibility of partition resulting in corruption of partition.
  • Interruption during data transfer: Suppose you are transferring any file from external drive to computer, during this process, there may be chance of any sort of interruption like sudden power failure. Therefore, this may lead to inaccessibility of files present on partition ends up with corruption.
  • Re-partitioning errors: In case, if you are trying to re-size the partition by using some third party tools may lead to corruption of partition resulting in corruption of partition. Hence, you may not access the files present on partition.
  • Hard drive failure: The hard drive fails due to logical failures resulting from corruption in file system. Thus, this failed hard drive may lead to corruption of files ends in corruption of partition.

Apart from these scenarios, there are so many reasons available for corruption of partition. If you are encountering any partition corruption scenarios, then definitely utilize this efficient tool to perform corrupt partition data recovery in very less span of time. This award-winning utility has the capacity to recover data from corrupt partition. Technical experts design this application and it has some extreme features as compare to any other software, so people prefer to utilize this tool to perform data recovery from corrupted partition.

This software also supports recovery of partitions from different types of hard drives SATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA, etc. of standard brands including Seagate, Buffalo, Western Digital, Dell, etc. It is designed to recover files from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 corrupted partitions. This tool effectively recovers more than 300 file types effortlessly. In case of bad sectors on hard drive, this software first creates disk image files to bypass bad sectors and then it start to recover files from it. The Demo version of this utility is available with the help of this you can estimate the recovery output.